7 Tips to Maintain Your Property


Avoid letting the little issues many of us tend to overlook grow to become big problems with unwelcome expenses.

  1. Roof: inspect the attic for water stains, check outside for loose or missing singles, promptly remove leaves or other debris, clean away mold and mildew promptly.
  2. Exterior walls and windows: look for cracked, flaking or chalky areas; don’t delay repainting or caulking.
  3. Heating systems: for gas or oil systems inspect flames — tight ovals and solid blue are correct, flickering and tinges of yellow are not. A technician can adjust fuel/air mix.
  4. Ventilation: when humid indoor air is cooled quickly it forms water droplets on windows, walls, or other surfaces. Over time, peeling wallpaper, mold and mildew can form, and even structural damage to wood can occur. Good ventilation helps to regulate temperature and control moisture levels.
  5. Plumbing: to prolong pipe life, clean clogs with ½ cup of salt and boiling water, then flush with hot water; clean faucet aerators regularly; insulate pipes exposed to cold exterior walls or floors.
  6. Fire Safety: avoid clutter around fireplaces and electrical baseboard or space heaters. Have and know how to use a fire extinguisher; always have working smoke detectors.
  7. Appliances: when any appliance doesn’t work properly  — stove, washer, refrigerator, garbage disposal — fix it, replace it, or stop using it. Faulty appliances are a leading cause of fires, as well as a real annoyance to everyone who depends on their modern convenience.
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