Floods Aren’t What you Think

Weather patterns are changing. According to the EPA, a higher percentage of precipitation in the United States has come in the form of intense single-day events in recent years. The average flood claim amounted to nearly $42,000 (from 2010 to 2014). Urban areas are especially at risk because buildings, highways and parking lots can causeContinue reading “Floods Aren’t What you Think”

7 Tips to Maintain Your Property

Avoid letting the little issues many of us tend to overlook grow to become big problems¬†with unwelcome expenses. Roof: inspect the attic for water stains, check outside for loose or missing singles, promptly remove leaves or other debris, clean away mold and mildew promptly. Exterior walls and windows: look for cracked, flaking or chalky areas;Continue reading “7 Tips to Maintain Your Property”

Safety Tips for Holiday Travels With Your Valuable Jewelry

Thinking about bringing your favorite jewelry on your next holiday trip? (1) Check Your Insurance Coverage: First, take a look at your insurance coverage. Homeowners typically provides up to $5,000 of coverage. Make sure you have the valuable articles rider and keep it updated as you add to your collection. (2) Share with Caution: HoldContinue reading “Safety Tips for Holiday Travels With Your Valuable Jewelry”