Winter Home Maintenance Tips / Help protect the inside and outside of your home from winter weather damage with these winter maintenance tips.

From Oregon’s Columbia River Highway across the country to Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway in western Massachusetts, our friends at share their favorite fall foliage road trips to take this year. / America’s Best Fall Foliage Road Trips

A condo community’s master insurance policy covers loss and casualty against building exteriors and common areas such as roads and clubhouses. An individual condominium unit’s insurance is paid for by that unit’s owner, typically using a HO-6 insurance policy. / What Kind of Condo Insurance Do Lenders Require?

– If you own a Condo Unit, make sure you have coverage for your Unit 🙂

Texas Instruments has enjoyed a near-monopoly on graphing calculators for nearly three decades. But new technology may be threatening the company’s empire. / Is the era of the $100+ graphing calculator coming to an end?

– For 20 years, TI held the market despite increased technological advancement and kept the price constant to consumers….Did you or your kids have 1 of these? I’m pretty sure we have bought 5 for our kids…

Do you know the signs of heat exhaustion? Here are important guidelines to learn how to spot it, prevent it and help treat it. #ThinkSafe / How to Help Prevent Heat Stroke

Increasing your following distance during heavy rain can help keep you safer. Get more safe driving tips. #ThinkSafe / How to Drive Safely in Strong Wind and Rain

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